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Your Law Geek provides writing support services for law firms and small businesses. We assist attorneys with their research, writing, and briefing, and help lawyers and entrepreneurs with content marketing creation. When individuals are ready to handle their family law services themselves, our limited scope representation offerings provide them legal advice and writing assistance to be certain it will be done right. By outsourcing their research and writing needs, lawyers and lay-people can take control of their cases and present the court and their clients with polished pieces of persuasive writing

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Lisa J Schmidt

Your Law Geek

What does a 50-page Supreme Court opinion with 2 dissents mean to you? For Attorney Lisa J. Schmidt, it’s a fun, challenging opportunity. Lisa is an attorney licensed to practice in Michigan with a long history of creative and professional writing. With offices in Ferndale, Michigan and Glendale, California, she provides legal research, writing, and drafting services to her fellow attorneys, and to individuals who need a little help to represent themselves in Michigan family courts.

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Why I Write Fiction
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Why I Write Fiction

It may come as a surprise that I, a lawyer and advocate, am dedicating a month to writing a fiction novel. You might wonder if

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