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Limited Scope Representation for Michigan Divorce, Custody, and Adoption Matters

Not every family law case needs a lawyer on both sides, start to finish. Most any lawyer you talk to will tell you not to do your own divorce, and that you shouldn’t walk into a courtroom until you’ve talked to an experienced, licensed family law attorney. And they’re right. But talking to a lawyer doesn’t mean you need to pay thousands of dollars for that lawyer to stand next to you at every court hearing. Sometimes, you can do parts of your divorce or custody case yourself. And that is where Limited Scope Representation comes in.

Limited Scope Family Law Puts You in Control of Your Case

In a traditional divorce or custody battle, the lawyer holds the reins. You come in for a consultation, lay out your story, pay your retainer fee, and the firm’s staff takes it from there. Lawyers, paralegals, and other staff have control of everything, from drafting documents, to court appearances, to billing for attorney time.

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Sometimes, traditional representation is needed. Having an attorney by your side, standing between you and an ex-spouse who was abusive – or who you simply can’t talk to – can be very useful. But not every family needs that velvet cushion. And not everyone can afford the fees that come with it.

Limited scope family law turns attorney representation into a dialog. It lets you and your attorney clearly define what the lawyer will and won’t do in your case. You control how much help you need and what kinds of work the lawyer does. You get a proposal and decide whether to add services or take on more responsibility yourself. And that means no nasty surprises when the bill comes.

a young family, a family wakes up in the morning,feet on the bed
a young family, a family wakes up in the morning,feet on the bed

Types of Limited Scope Services

At Your Law Geek, we offer Michigan residents assistance so they can handle their own family law matters with confidence. Attorney Lisa J. Schmidt is a licensed family law attorney with nearly a decade of experience in front of family law judges across Michigan. She is here to help you understand the right questions to ask, and to help you answer them. When the time is right, she will prepare all your legal documents and give you step-by-step instructions for handling your own divorce or custody case. Your Law Geek offers the following limited scope family law services:

Kinds of Limited Scope Family Law Cases

Some types of family law cases lend themselves to limited scope services better than others. If you have a complicated divorce or custody matter with difficult personalities and a lot of assets, LSR may not be for you. But Your Law Geek can help you with your:

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How to Start Limited Scope Representation

If you think you are ready to take control of your own family law case, or you simply need to get divorced on a budget, click here to fill out a questionnaire and schedule a consultation. We will meet with you through phone or video conference at your convenience – evening hours are available – to answer your questions, and help you decide if limited scope representation is right for you.

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