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Busy litigators often don’t have time to blog. Your hectic court schedules keep you on the road all day and away from your computers. When you do get back, you want to spend your time connecting with clients and developing cases, not updating your website. Your Law Geek gives you the ability to have a robust web presence without having to turn away paying clients every week to make time for it.

Most law firm’s marketing strategies are a blend of public relations, client recruitment, and public education. You need to provide meaningful information to prospective clients and explain why they need you to help them with their legal needs. Striking the right balance requires more legal knowledge than the average content writer has. Balancing marketing and money-making is simple if you run in a large firm with a separate marketing department. But for solo practitioners and small firms it means taking time away from your key employees, or your own schedule, every week. What if instead you could outsource your web content like you do your website development?

Your law firm needs a someone who can translate legalese to layperson and can convey the expertise and knowledge your firm relies on to represent clients and win cases.

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How Ghost Blogging Works

Your Law Geek takes the stress out of maintaining an active website stocked with high-quality content. We provide well-written, fully edited, unique content for your blog based on your firm’s marketing targets, goals, and priorities. Posts are written with content marketing best practices in mind. If your firm works with a social media marketer, Your Law Geek will coordinate with that professional to make the most of your marketing dollars. You will also have the chance to review and edit every post, so you know you are meeting your ethical obligations and are avoiding legal misstatements.

Your Law Geek will work with your website administrator to publish your content on a regular schedule under a name that reflects you and your firm. Your ghost writer is invisible to your readers. (though your state’s ethical rules may require a disclaimer if you use a content writer outside your firm.) Each post comes with a licensed stock image to maximize its effect on social media and make it more compelling to readers and potential clients.

What Web Content Marketing Costs

Marketing costs for law firms can seem ambiguous. It can be hard to know how much you pay for sponsored links or social media campaigns. But web content costs don’t have to be expensive, or hard to define. Each blog article has a flat cost, and you control the frequency of updates:

You Choose: 1, 2, or 4 Posts Every Month

That means you know what costs to expect as soon as the proposal is finalized. If something comes up and you need more, you can adjust the frequency or even add on services for a special event. Ready to get started? Click here to complete a questionnaire and schedule a phone interview with a legal writer who will create a proposal to help you and your firm meet your marketing goals.

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