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Outsourced Brief Writing Services for Busy Litigators

Trial lawyers thrive on being busy. You fill your days with court appearances and client meetings, squeezing phone calls in between bites of lunch. When a tough issue presents itself, it might seem impossible to find the time to give it the deep research it deserves. Your Law Geek can provide you fully researched briefs and legal memos to answer your toughest legal questions without taking time away from your billable hours.

In-Depth Research & Writing Let’s You Take on More

At Your Law Geek we thrive on getting the answer – reading cases and digging into the law to provide a well-reasoned summary of your issue, and an interpretation to maximize your client’s chances in court. Attorney Lisa J. Schmidt has nearly a decade of experience taking deep dives into cutting edge legal issues and developing compelling legal arguments for clients and judges alike. She specializes in the kind of in-depth research that keeps you working long into the night, taking you away from your clients, and your family. If you want to do more with the time you have, you are going to need help.

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No litigation is completely cut and dry, but some legal issues need more investigation than others. You hire a private investigator or file subpoenas to get to the bottom of the facts in your case. Why wouldn’t you also hire a researcher to develop the legal questions? When a difficult issue catches you off guard, Your Law Geek is there to back you up. We can prepare a memorandum on the law for internal use at your office, draft a brief to be filed in court, or write an article to be published in a local legal publication.

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As Attorney of Record, You Keep the Client, and the Control

As outsourced legal researchers, we speak on your behalf. It is our job to make you and your client look good. We will take time to fully understand your case and your position. You sign off on any brief or motion filed with the court, so there are no ethical concerns or questions about who is representing the client. You don’t need to refer your client to an appellate firm or bring on co-counsel.  Instead you can hire Your Law Geek to provide the writing you need to meet your client’s needs.

A complicated legal question doesn’t have to grind your practice to a halt. Your Law Geek can give you the edge you need to stay on top of the law and your caseload. Whether it’s a memo on a new area of law or a complicated legal brief, we are ready to help you put your best written foot forward.

How It Works

Getting a researcher to help you meet your briefing deadlines is easy. Click here to complete a questionnaire and schedule a phone interview with Attorney Lisa J. Schmidt. She’ll review your documents and discuss your priorities, then provide you with a polished piece to suit your clients’ needs.

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