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Customized Website Content for Lawyers and Small Businesses

More than ever, a well-written and designed website is essential to building a successful law practice. However, many web designers leave the website content to the clients. Without the knowledge and expertise to write about your law firm’s practice areas, you run the risk of marketing materials that cross professional responsibility rules, or that sound no different from your competition.

Customized Website Content Tailored to Your Firm’s Business Priorities

Very few attorneys are fully general practitioners. Even if you are a rural attorney helping clients with a variety of needs, you have certain business priorities favoring particular practice areas. In larger metropolitan areas, your firm may carve out niche practice areas that distinguish you from your competition and generate a reputation for your company. No matter the size of your firm, you don’t want to waste your time or staff resources weeding out bad leads. You need customized web content that targets what you do best.

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By bringing on Your Law Geek to write customized web content for your law firm or small business, you can work with a professional writer with legal experience to craft client recruitment materials designed specifically for your practice niche. With nearly a decade of legal practice herself, Attorney Lisa J. Schmidt can help you tailor your marketing materials to attract the right kinds of clients and speak to them on their level.

Image of a woman at a laptop with stylized illusrations involving SEO and computer icons
Image of a woman at a laptop with stylized illusrations involving SEO and computer icons

How to Get Started Creating Your Web Content

Your Law Geek can work directly with your lawyers and web developers to bridge the gap between practice and marketing. We provide well-written, fully edited website content – with or without stock images – based on your firm’s target clients, practice areas, and marketing priorities. We use the latest best practices for search engine optimization (SEO), professional responsibility, and citation styling, so you can be sure your content is unique, professional, and developed especially for your firm.

We coordinate with your web developer regarding page lengths and layouts, keeping you from feeling like the middleman. You will also have the chance to review and edit every page, so you retain control and avoid making legal misstatements. Once everything is correct and to your liking, Your Law Geek will work with your website administrator to publish your content, giving your firm a new website maximized for your marketing and business development goals.

Get a Quote for Your Custom Content

Your Law Geek provides you advice and allows you to tailor your website content to your marketing budget. We will provide you with an adjustable quote that allows you to add pages to focus on niche practice areas, or break content into phases to spread out the cost. Each quote includes a base package and optional add-on pages based on your initial client interview, so you know the bottom line before you get started. Click here to complete a questionnaire and schedule a phone interview with a web content writer who will create a proposal to help you and your firm meet your web marketing goals.

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