What to Write When You Don’t Have Time to Write

What to Write When You Don't Have Time to Write

We all have days (weeks? months?) when it seems like there is no way we’re going to get to everything on the to-do list. As the tasks pile up and the time ticks down, it can be easy to start looking for things to cut. Don’t let your blog be one of them. Here are some tips on what to write when you don’t have time to write.

Some blog posts take longer to write than others. In some cases, you need to carefully research a nuance of the law, or get client approvals when you include a testimonial. And sometimes, “ain’t nobody got time for that!” When you don’t have time to write a fully fleshed out white paper, or go through levels of approvals and revisions, you can still put something up on your blog. All it takes is going back to what you know.

Answer a Frequently Asked Question

One of the easiest ways to write a quick blog post is to just write down the things you say every day. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) make great blog topics. There’s a pretty solid chance that you have 5-10 questions your clients are always asking you. And you probably already have a canned response.

When time is short, just write one of these down. Chances are, if your clients are asking the question, your potential clients may be as well. By anticipating their needs before they even contact you, you show that you know the law, and understand their situation.

Talk About Yourself

Another easy topic for most lawyers is themselves. If your attorney bio hasn’t been refreshed or you recently won a case or received an award, a biographical blog post may be just the thing to write when you don’t have time to write.

Just like with FAQs, you already know the facts behind your own history. Unless you have a Swiss-cheese memory you probably won’t have to do much research to talk about where you got your training or what you did to receive the award. Just make sure you link to your About page and the award’s website, and you’ll be all set.

Give a Glimpse Behind the Curtain

Your regular readers and long-time clients know your public face. Referral partners have seen you in your suit and may have heard you present at court. But how many of them know what happens inside your office?

It can seem counter-intuitive for professional offices to write “behind-the-scenes” posts. But by giving your readers a glimpse behind the curtain, you can help humanize the lawyers at your firm and give readers a chance to connect with you as people, not just experts. Maybe you talk about the company trip to the ball-game or do a “day in the life of a lawyer” post. Believe me, your readers will love it.

Not every blog post can be cranked out in 20 minutes. Some will take time and patience to get everything right. But when you don’t have time to write all that, you can still keep your content fresh with a quick post about something you already know well.


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